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SMARTLead2019 - Student Leadership Talent Project

SUN Mornings have yet to emit a glare. A group of men and women appeared to be thronging the paddy fields in Tanjong Karang, Selangor.

Dressed in sports apparel, students and the public prepared to start the Hamlatul Quran Motivational Cottage Run (PMHQ) which is the main program of the SMARTLead2019 project organized by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

 The event was attended by 300 people including UPM students, PMHQ tahfiz students as well as the villagers in Kampung Sawah Border, Tanjong Karang.

 The PMHQ is a private tahfiz cottage institution in Tanjong Karang that focuses on the study of other Quranic and Islamic preaching.

 The look on the faces of the participants showed excitement. They couldn't wait to run and enjoy the lush greenery of the 4.5-kilometer paddy field.



The PMHQ Field Run was one of the community events in the SMARTLead2019 project. The SMARTLead2019 project in the village lasted for three days and two nights. Following this, the students involved also engaged in various activities in order to hone student leadership talent and the ability to reach out to the community. The Future-themed project Now is organized by a combined two UPM colleges with 70 potential students and 65 tahfiz students. Joint Program Director Ahmad Solahuddin Ahmad Samsuddin said the co-ordination of the SMARTLead2019 project was also aimed at strengthening the relationship between Tun Dr. College. Ismail (KTDI) and UPM Fifth College (KKU), UPM. “We just joined this year under one leadership. So, this is a great initiative for us to strengthen this relationship. "Through this we are able to create a sense of belonging among the college student leaders in the planning of college activities," he said when contacted by GenK recently.


According to Ahmad Solahuddin, 23, the participation of students in SMARTLead 2019 thus opened a more open assessment room for college management in making the highest student leadership selection. Ahmad Solahuddin, who is also a student in UPM Education (Guidance and Counseling), said he chose to partner with PMHQ and involve the involvement of hut students as the project also embodies spiritual and soft values.  For students majoring in Education (Guidance and Counseling), Sri Md. Jaini, 24, of KTDI college, said the program could further enhance her leadership skills. “Previously, I only participated in university programs. Through this project, it opened my eyes to helping the public in community activities, ”he said. Sri added that one of the events that affected him was the co-operation with the villagers as it required full cooperation to succeed. “From there, participants can communicate with the villagers, learn traditional dishes and inculcate a helping hand,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Principal of KTDI College and KKU, Professor Dr. Sidek Ab. Aziz said the project would provide organized exposure, enhance communication skills and cooperation as a team among students.

According to Sidek, participants are either direct or surprise community service. “Among the community projects donated by UPM students to the hut and the village are Pondok Cafe projects, mini libraries, lounge chairs, murals, futsal court upgrades and raffle rides. "We divide them into four large groups that are valued in terms of work knowledge and productivity, competencies and behaviors throughout the course of each assigned task," he said. He said it was interesting that each participant would be evaluated throughout the program by trained and professional external consultants. Through their activities, Sidek said the management of colleges and universities can instill the values ​​of UPM young campus leaders. "All the knowledge and experience they can hope to contribute to the development of the university," he said.

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