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Residential College Rules

  1. Room cleanliness is a shared responsibility. Occupants must ensure that the room is always in a neat, orderly and clean condition.
  2. Garbage from each room must always be disposed of in a public bin outside the house/room.
  3. It is forbidden to throw all types of garbage/items through windows and into drains.
  4. House/room occupants are required to use sheets and pillowcases.
  5. It is forbidden to paste, nail, scratch, paint and stain the surface of furniture, walls and so on.
  6. Hang clothes only on the hangers provided.
  7. Ensure that the fan switch and lights are turned off when leaving the room.
  8. It is forbidden to make or modify electrical/internet connections.
  9. Permitted electrical appliances are radios (up to 100 watts), mobile phone battery chargers, computers and printers only.
  10. Occupants are not allowed to move, change or modify any equipment in the house/room.
  11. All damages must be reported to the College General Office immediately.
  12. It is forbidden to bring and keep pets in the house/room.
  13. Cooking is strictly prohibited.
  14. Residents are prohibited from accommodating others after 12 midnight without the permission of the College Management.
  15. Residents are prohibited from bringing students/outsiders of the opposite sex into the house/room.
  16. It is not allowed to change rooms without the permission of the College Principal.
  17. It is prohibited to bring or store and drink alcohol, drugs, pornographic materials, weapons, gambling, smoking and food that is not halal.
  18. It is forbidden to make noise and disturb the peace of other residents.
  19. The facilities and condition of your house/room have been recorded. Room inventory checks will be conducted each semester. Residents registered in the room will bear a conduct fine of a maximum of RM25.00 or repair/replacement costs (according to the current price) if the damage to the room facilities is due to vandalism by the occupants of the room.
  20. Please contact the Security Division, UPM if there is any emergency, at 03-89471999, 03-89467990 or 03-89467470

Updated:: 02/07/2021 [farizaidi]