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Malam Tunas Budaya

Malam Tunas Budaya is a compulsory activity carried out every year. This programme involves the participation of students from all new students. Through Malam Tunas Budaya students can perform their talent in terms of singing, dance and music. In this year, Malam Tunas Budaya chose “Suaraku. Iramaku. Ekspreriku” as a theme for this event.

Kolej Tun Dr Ismail also don't miss to send participants for this year with combined along with Kolej Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah (KOSASS) under the name Tari Fansuri Production. The combination of both colleges present Warkah Sang Penglipur Lara. This event take place on “Hari Malaysia” on 16 September 2017, the spirit of Malaysian people can be seen in every performance that presented from all of the College.

Undoubtedly the show from Tari Fansuri Production was very mesmerizing and got cheers from the entire audience. Vocal and dance very well established by students who participated on this event are seen as very worthy even they tired while preparing this event. Although Tari Fansuri Production did not win any awards on this evening but they still got a place in the hearts of the audience present.

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