College Tun Dr. Ismail been one of earlier college built in UPM, Serdang. Known as the Third College, KTDI was built after College Mohamad Rashid and the Second College. Along with the university's vision and mission, Kolej Tun Dr Ismail will try their best to give a condusive accommodation to its' students.

Tun Dr. Ismail College has 4 blocks (3 female blocks and 1 male block) with a capacity of 327 rooms for 2 persons per room available reserved for all students staying in college. 


Available accommodation is also open for rentals by outsiders. Rates for each accommodation vary by category. Payment rates are as follows:

Billing Category Rate

  1. Students of UPM, IPTA and School RM 4.00 / person / room

RM10.00 (use of pillows, pillow cases & sheets for single use)


  1. Postgraduate Students (Local) RM 11.00 / person / room

RM 5.50 / 2 person / room


  1. International Student RM 18.00 / person / room

RM 9.00 / 2 person / room


  1. External agency RM10.00 / 2 person / room

RM 15.00 (use of pillows, pillow cases & disposable sheets).

  Source: Minutes 417.05 (v) (b) UPM UPU dated 02.11.2011

Projek cungkil bakat kepimpinan pelajar UPM
Projek yang bertemakan Masa Depan Bermula Sekarang itu merupakan anjuran gabungan dua buah kolej UPM yang disertai 70 pelajar berpotensi menjadi pemimpin serta 65 orang pelajar tahfiz.
Majlis Apresiasi Seribu Harapan (MASEH)
Lebih 3,000 pelajar universiti terima manfaat Food Bank Siswa
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